Logo Design

I think designing logos is my favorite!  It's completely creative and completely personal.  This represents you and the dream that you are creating for yourself!

Cavern Beat

This was designed for a Beatles cover band.  Definitely one of my favorite logos.

Miss Matched

This logo was designed for a woman that designs florals for weddings and special events.  She also loves to create crafts and decor.  She ended up opening her own store to accommodate both of her passions....this is the design that I came up with to represent that.

Thornwood Bar & Grill

This logo suits the establishment well.  It was a place where friends and family meet to relax and have fun!

Thornwood Softball Logo

This logo was designed for the Thornwood Bar & Grill softball team.

Aquariums Done Wright

This was a redesign that I did for a client that purchased a jpeg logo.  In order to print on posters, t-shirts, car stickers, etc...You need to have a vector format of your logo.  When it comes to purchasing a logo quality is very important!

Hot Mamas

This was a logo I created for a yoga instructor.

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