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The first website I created back in 2005.  I started in Adobe  GoLive, then moved on to use Dreamweaver, now I have been using Adobe Muse for the past two years.  Each website is like a new world being created.  I have created sites for both large and small business.  Single page websites and very complex sites.  Whatever your need and budget we can make it work!

Cortland Community Library

QBZ Repair

Cortland Flooring

I designed the first website for the Cortland Library in 1998.  We have done about 4 full re-deisigns of the site as technology has progressed.  The current design was redone in 2017.

This is a single page site created for a small business.  We used a combination of stock images and images provided by the client.

This has also been a client that I have done many website designs and re-designs for.  The first site was created in 2010.  We did 3 different re-designs throughout the years.  I took a lot of photos of product in their display room to use on the website for customers to easily view product without actually having to visit the store.


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